I have been so thankful for all of the families who have trusted me over the years to help guide their kids through running and life.

Applications will be accepted starting NOW 8-1-2021. 

Basic Info-
• High School Senior Class of 2022
• ERYRC Alumni
• Submit info to me of 3 college/universities you have researched and one you have applied to
• Come share a favorite memory of your time running with the club with my current athletes 

🔥Fall Opportunities🔥
Saturday Aug. 7th 6:55am, Fort Myers Country Club, then stick around to cheer at our Time Trial.
Saturday Aug. 21st 6:55am, Tentatively Buckingham Park, then stick around for the Dunbar Invite.
Saturday Sept. 11th 5:55pm, Tentatively Kelly Rd Soccer Complex, then stick around for the FM Invite. 
Saturday Oct. 9th 8:45am, Bishop Verot High School, then stick around for the Viking Invite

• You don’t have to still be competitively running as life always throws curveballs and your heart may have led you down a new adventure

• Proof that you know how to cook one meal (doesn’t have to be good...haha)

     -Must bring it to me, cook it with my family or allow me to show you how to make a meal at my home with my family! 

Info can be sent directly to me via message or email.